Welcome to Longmont's First Escape Room!

Immerse yourself in a live action experience using teamwork to find clues and solve puzzles to escape a locked room. Does your team have the mental strength to collectively figure it out and escape? We will find out soon enough.

You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking…

We're moving!!
June 29th will be the last day we are open at our current location. We will be open at our new location July 11th! Our new spot has more than 3 times the space as our current location and you know what that means.... MORE ESCAPE ROOMS!! That's right! 
Take a look below to see what's coming in the near future!

New Location Address:
1129 Francis st, Longmont, CO 80501


Enter the abstract world of a painter named Illythia Dugana. She has lost something very important to her. Her studio and gallery contain clues to it's location. Help her find it before it's gone forever. 

About this room:
People are raving over this room that contains unique puzzles and intersting decor. Come check it out! 

Sessions are by appointment only
Recommended team size:
Experienced Escape artists : 4-6
Newcomers: 6-8

GAME ENDS 6/29/17

You and your crew of professional thieves are looking for an easy score. You have an associate who works at a bank as a teller. He has set you up to rob the bank and make a safe exit. All you need to do is decipher the clues he has left you and get the cash!!!

About this room:
Due to popular request, we will keep this room running for a while longer before changing over to Dead Presidents Part 2. This room offers features you have probably never seen in an escape room. Customers have claimed this to be one of the best rooms in Colorado. Book it now and decide for yourself!!

Sessions are by appointment only
2-8 players
Teambuilding - 8-14 players


You guys wanted it back, you got it! After we move into our larger facility, we will then have the space to keep this one going for a while!! This game will re-launch July 11th and is available to book right now!

You've all seen the movie and now it's time to live it!
You know what you have to do... Help Jack save christmas!!! 

About this room:
This room is very cool and very fun! This room is perfect for any age as it has a very good find to solve ratio. Children will have a blast finding things in tricky places and adults will be put to the test solving challenging puzzles to figure out the way to escape!!!

Sessions are by appointment only
2-8 players
Difficulty Rating: 3.5 - 4 

Launch date: 8/4/17

You've played the criminal, now it's time to play the cop! A robbery has taken place at Breakout Bank. The robbers got away with a cool million dollars in cash. Your elite team must figure out who got away, and where they're headed so they can be apprehended. You've seen it on tv and in the movies. Let's see if you're smart enough to catch the bad guys!

About this room:
As the sequel to one of the hardest escape rooms in the area, you better have your game face on. This one is not going to be any easier! DEAD PRESIDENTS 2 is going to require tip top critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning. 

Sessions are by appointment only
2-8 players
Difficulty Rating: 4.5


Our convenient Longmont location makes it easy to travel to from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and anywhere along the front range!

840 23rd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501