Enter the abstract world of a painter named Illythia Dugana. She has lost something very important to her. Her studio and gallery contain clues to it's location. Help her find it before it's gone forever. 

About this room:
People are raving over this room that contains unique puzzles and intersting decor. Come check it out! 

Sessions are by appointment only

(This room is NOT scary)

You've all seen the movie and now it's time to live it!
You know what you have to do... Help Jack save christmas!!! 

About this room:
This room is very cool and very fun! This room is perfect for any age as it has a very good find to solve ratio. Children will have a blast finding things in tricky places and adults will be put to the test solving challenging puzzles to figure out the way to escape!!!

Sessions are by appointment only

Launch date: 8/18/17

You've played the criminal, now it's time to play the cop! A robbery has taken place at Breakout Bank. The robbers got away with a cool million dollars in cash. Your elite team must figure out who got away, and where they're headed so they can be apprehended. You've seen it on tv and in the movies. Let's see if you're smart enough to catch the bad guys!

About this room:
Kids will have fun in this room but definitely bring 2-4 adults to solve the more difficult tasks. 
As the sequel to one of the hardest escape rooms in the area, you better have your game face on. This one is not going to be any easier! In fact, it's even more difficult than it's predecessor. DEAD PRESIDENTS 2 is going to require tip top critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning. 

Sessions are by appointment only

Launch date: October

You and your highly skilled team of army strategists are going head to head with an opposing country in combat. There has been a land dispute over a territory that contains valuable resources. It has been decided that a battle must take place; the winner will control the territory forever.

The concept is simple:
Find parts and solve puzzles to figure out how to assemble the detonation device that will allow you to blow up the other team. Once your team has assembled the device correctly..... KaBOOM!!!!
Good luck! 

 About this room:
We are so excited to launch this room! You guys are going to love this!!
KaBoom is 2 identical rooms in which teams will compete against each other. Teams will not be able to see each other but will know when their opponent makes progress in the game making for a very intense, exciting environment. This is not only for your average puzzle game junkie. This is also ideal for large groups looking to have some fun in a team building event!
All sessions must be booked in advance!

Longmont Super Hunt
EVENT OVER - Super Hunt Part 2 coming in 2018
Event date: 8/27/17 3:30pm

It's finally here! Compete in teams of four in a video scavenger hunt in Longmont! Only 10 teams will be allowed to compete so sign up as soon as you make sure your team qualifies. You can view those qualifications At the bottom of this page. 

Teams will work together so solve clues to find specific locations or landmarks in Longmont. When a team has successfully completed a task, they will send proof by way of video or photo back to Breakout headquarters via facebook messenger. Once the Breakout team has verified completion, they will assign that team another task.

Tasks will vary in point value. Value is determined by solvability, difficulty, and estimated time for completion. The team that has the most points at the end of the 2 hour event, wins. Grand prize is lifetime passes to our escape room and $303 in cash! Other prizes will be awarded to other teams as well!!

If you have read the qualifications and wish to reserve a slot for your team,
click HERE and then click the "Special Tours Button"
Once there, select the "TEAM OF 4" option. 

To view the promo video for this event, click HERE

You must have a vehicle in good running condition, registered and insured.
The driver must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
You will need 2 mobile devices.  Both will need to have the following:

1.      Available data – Be sure your devices have a sufficient amount of data. You won’t have time to make special trips to places with wifi. You will need the ability to access the internet and youtube.
2.      Photo and video capabilities - Both devices should be fairly new and take quality photos and video.
3.      Facebook messenger – At least one of the devices must have facebook messenger. This is how you will communicate with us during the game.

Your team needs to be ok with being on camera. You will be filming yourselves during the various tasks. Pictures and video from this event will be shared on our facebook and youtube.
Your team will need to be outgoing and personable. Some tasks may require you to interact with people you don’t know.

There aren't any age restrictions in place, but at least one person on the team must be at least 18 years of age.

Registration is a flat rate of $120 for your team collectively. You may have up to but no more than 4 people on your team. Your slot is not secured until it’s paid for. Don’t forget to choose a team name!

Your entire team must be available to come to the escape room before the day of the event to complete registration and get a team interview. The team interview will be recorded on video for a preview of the scavenger hunt. Questions will be simple and easy to answer. Expect to be here no longer than 5-10 minutes. 



Our convenient Longmont location makes it easy to travel to from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and anywhere along the front range!

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